Friday, April 22, 2011

Literature Component ; Flipping Fantastic ( Moral Value )

Literature Component

Based on the story Flipping Fantastic by Jane Langford, write a moral value found in the story and describe about it.

Flipping Fantastic written by Jane Langford is a story about twin brothers. Both of them are about to finish their primary education at Peter Hill Primary soon and plan to begin their new school term in two different schools. They are very worried about separating as they always been together.
            The moral value found in the story is we should help each other, especially who are weaker than us. This value was shown by the twin, James and Tristan, their friend, Kiara Jones, their teacher, Mr. Sewell and the twins’ mother, Mum.
            James and Tristan always help each other. James helps Tristan to pull his wheelchair, goes to the toilet, holds the automatic door and tells the teacher that Tristan could not do PE. Tristan helps James in his homework and math problem. He also helps James to go through Highfields.
            The twins’ friends, Kiara Jones, also help them. She pushed Tristan wheelchair when James not around. She helps James to go through Highfield for the fist few days. The twin’s English teachers, Mr. Sewell helps James to practice the dialogue and teach the twins’ to act well in the school play.  He also helps Tristan to get onto the stage.
            The twin’s responsible mother, Mum also helps them a lot. She always encourages her sons in the best way. She respects Tristan’s choice and tried to change Tristan’s high school.
            In conclusion, most of the characters in the story are very helpful. They help each other, especially who are weaker than us.

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  1. This moral value very interesting.It can make me get A in English paper...thanks a lot dear!!!