Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Journey To The Center Of The Earth


The Difference Between The Movie and The Novel of Journey To The Center Of The Earth

Journey to the Center of The Earth is a story about a scientist who went to the centre of the earth where they have a great adventure. Journey to the Centre of the Earth is a book created by Jules Verne. A movie was created to make more illustration so that students can understand the story but the movie had a little change.
In the novel, there were three main characters, Professor Otto Lidenbrock, Axel Lidenbrock and Hans Bjelke. In the movie, there were Trevor, Sean and Hannah. The characters have almost the same characteristics. Professor Otto is same like Trevor, who are intelligent, knowledgeable, naturalist and high spirit man. Sean is Trevor’s nephew and Axel is Professor Otto’s. Sean is a brave boy, not at all like Axel who is scared taking risk. A travel guide, Hans joined the Lidenbrock’s Journey to guide them while, Hannah was Trevor and Sean’s mountain guide. Both of them are very brave and wise. They had saved the others’ life more than one time.
In the novel, their journey are based on Arne Saknussem’s message, but, the movie, Trevor found his brother’s book and follow the missing man’s writing. Trevor, Sean and Hannah went up to a mountain and accidently trap in a cave. They must go in the cave to find way out but, the cave is leading them to the center of the earth. The novel tells us that the group went to the center of the earth by purpose to discover a map below our feet. On one time, they had nowhere to go so, Trevor and the others follow some kind of electrical birds they found while, Libenbrocks follow the stream Hans found.
They found dinosaurs, giant mushrooms and more fossil through their journey. They all travel by sea but, in the novel, they had stuck in a middle of a battle between two giant sea creatures. After one of the creatures was killed, they were hit by a storm and had a crash. Fortune, Axel and Professor were saved by Hans. While in the movie, they were attacked by man-eating fishes. But, a sea creature appears and ate the fish but, there was a storm and Sean had separated from the others.
In the novel, they went to the same place. They meet mastodons, giant elephant. In the movie, Sean had faced a carnivore dinosaur but, his uncle save him. They went to a river in a tunnel and meet Hannah. They all board a dinosaur’s Skelton head as a raft. In the novel, professor, axel and Hans were suck into a boiling tunnel and came out from a volcano. Trevor, Sean and Hannah had to face danger when they had to cool up the boiling tube. Finally, they were blown out of the cave and slide down into a farm.
All the characters had been to the same place. They started at Iceland and came out at Sicily. At the end, professor Otto Lidenbrock, axel and Hans became famous while, Trevor, Sean and Hannah kept their journey to the center of the earth as a secret.

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